About Us

Altier Academy

The Altier Academy is a special education academy, accredited by the Ministry of Education, that trains professionals for the fashion and beauty sectors in training centers in London and Istanbul.

Altier; It is a French and Turkish word. It means "self-confident" in French and "golden person" in Turkish.

Our academy motto; To raise professionals who are self-confident in the fashion and beauty sectors and are worth gold.



With our educational environment equipped with high-tech devices, our expert academicians and trainers with long years of industry experience, and our training curriculum that we have created as a result of both local and global sector needs analysis, to train graduates who know the right technique and have gained experience with the applications they perform in the fashion and beauty sectors, and to take place in the sector.



Achieving global successes in Istanbul and London centers within the framework of our 5-year growth plan in 2019-2024.

Training - Developing an average of 10 projects per year within the scope of our sector projects and providing high added value to the sector.

Fashion and Beauty in the area of professional training academies that "Turkey First", also in the entire world "Top 10 Among" We are aiming to take place.