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Altier Academy Career Opportunity


Altier Academy; It has adopted the corporate principle of always achieving lasting success with its human resources that are creative, open to innovations and changes, able to use its potential efficiently, aiming at self-development and offering proactive solutions.

As Altier Academy Human Resources Department, our aim is to create a community of happy, productive employees who are committed to their values.

Being aware of the importance of placing the right candidate in the right job in our academy for the healthy conduct of company activities; As the Human Resources Department, it is our most basic principle to prepare an environment where our employees can reveal their potential with a strong sense of belonging and use this potential in the most effective way and to provide them with this motivation.

With the awareness that “education and development is a life-long process”, our basic principles that coincide with our corporate goals as the Human Resources Department are as follows;

Doing needs analysis to place the right candidate in the right job in our growing corporate structure.

Carrying out the recruitment processes of the candidates with the right quality and quantity in accordance with our corporate culture and following them by ensuring their adaptation to the institution.

Keeping the motivation and loyalty of the employees at the forefront.

Determining the training and development needs of the employees in order to develop their personal and professional competencies and completing the necessary career planning and award processes.

To ensure that Altier Academy is an institution that is also referenced in employer branding practices.


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