3D Fashion Design & Gerber Accumark V14.0

3D Fashion Design & Gerber Accumark V14.0

MEB Certificate Program

“From Basic to Professional”


Purpose of Education

It is ensured that designers / modelists with hand mold knowledge effectively learn the latest version of Gerber technology v14.0 and gain complete fitting experiences by learning the three-dimensional fitting program Gerber Accumark 3D, which is the technology of the future.

Participation Prerequisities

18 - 35 Age Range

Minimum High School Graduation

Participants should have basic pattern preparation, modeling and grading technical knowledge. This information is determined by a level determination application to be made and the registration process is approved.

Education Days and Hours

160 Hours I 4 Months

Hours: 09:30 – 13:30 or 14:30 – 18:30

DaysWednesday -Friday or Saturday and Sunday I 2 Days


Topics of Education

Week 1: Gerber Technology Brief

The training begins with the basis of the 2D and 3D mold preparation system by recognizing all the features that Gerber technology can do. The technical details of the creation of parameter files, digitization operations, pattern records over digits and correction of faulty digitized files are taught.

Week 2: PDS Screen Brief

PSD Screen mold preparation processes are carried out. The features of the program tools are taught and examples of the use of the tools are made.

Week 3: Customizing Gerber Accumark

In this section, keyboard shortcuts are explained and menu shortcuts are created. Thus, all users can customize the Gerber Accumark program according to their needs and create a more comfortable use. After the screen layout, the usage details of the "References" menu are taught and applications are made.

Week 4 : Creating a Base Pattern and Applying a Model in Digital

The digital form of our base pattern that we have prepared is prepared with the program tools and transferred to the screen, and then different modeling techniques are applied on the digital base pattern we have created. (Note: This application is carried out on a short-sleeved t-shirt.)

Week 5 : Skirt Base Pattern and Model Application

Digitizing the skirt base mold and performing the forceps placement of the prepared digital mold. Preparing the trouser-skirt base pattern, stenciling the pattern (giving seam allowances), digitizing the slit protrusion on the skirt basis, teaching the use of the Pliers menu, and then recording the pattern with trace identification.

Week 6 : Digital Templateing

Preparing pattern-applied patterns and creating seam allowances of patterns, performing corner menu operations on seam allowances, performing snap menu operations.

Week 7 : Trouser Base Pattern

Preparation of classic fabric pants base pattern in digital environment and realization of trousers modeling processes.

Week 8 : PDS Menu Definitions

The "Create - Edit", "Change - Verification", "Advanced - Pleats" - "Measure - Create / Edit" menus in the PDS Menu are taught and applications are performed.

Week 9: Grading

Creation of size enlargement table in series, Preparation of series of created digital base pattern, Creation of drop pattern file.

Week 10: Grading & Wizard Menu

Preparing drop pants pattern, Preparing series size chart, Performing Wizard ready pattern creation.

Week 11 : Preparing Pastal File

Creating the necessary files for the preparation of the pastel, opening the pastel screen, teaching the pastel information bar and performing applications.

Week 12: Paste Process

Use of tools in File Menu, Piece Menu and Pastel Menu, Use of tools in Fabric Menu, Advanced Menu and View Menu, Use of Toolbar, Pastel drawing operations.

Week 13: System Backup Settings

Zip Fetch and Send operations, Reg File Fetch and Send operations, Area backup process, Field Check process, Parameter copying process, Preparing the size chart over the pattern, Sending a pattern by e-mail and completing the process.

Week 14 : Accumark 3D

3D three-dimensional model file creation process, transition processes from PDS two-dimensional screen to 3D three-dimensional screen,

Week 15 : Accumark 3D

3D three-dimensional dressing process and 3D dressing application with t-shirt base mold, 3D three-dimensional trousers mold dressing application, Cylinder identification process for products and parts,

Week 16 : Accumark 3D

Creation and recording of Avatar three-dimensional mannequins in desired size standards, dressing processes on Avatar three-dimensional mannequins and preparation of real-size three-dimensional samples. At the end of this process, it is possible to see a sample in real dimensions without producing a product.


  • Ministry of Education Approved 3D Fashion Design & Gerber Accumark V14.0 Certificate
  • Altier Academy “3D Fashion Design & Gerber Accumark V14.0” Graduation Certificate prepared in English and Turkish