Professional Makeup

Professional Makeup

MEB Certificate Program

“From Basic to Professional”


Purpose of Education

Our aim is to train Professional Makeup Experts with high self-confidence and knowledge with our education system that provides experience with both applied technical training and sectoral projects, starting from the most basic level in the make-up industry.

Participation Prerequisities

19 - 35 Age Range

Minimum High School Education Level

Duration, Days and Hours

1 Day per Week x 12 Weeks (3 Months)

Hours: 09:30 - 13:30 / 14:30 - 18:30

Days: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Saturday / Sunday


Education Program

Week 1

Facial Anatomy, Makeup Techniques Suitable for Different Face Types, Product Selection According to Skin Type, Use of Brushes Techniques

Week 2

Eyebrow Drawing, Lash Attaching and Removal, Base Makeup and Shading (Concealer & Highlight)

Week 3


Week 4

No-Makeup & Light Smokey Eyes

Week 5

Intense Smokey Eyes

Week 6

Shaded Eye Makeup

Week 7

Aqua & Porcelain Makeup

Week 8

Bridal Makeup

Week 9

Arab & Indian Makeup

Week 10

TV & Cinema Makeup

Week 11

Fashion Makeup

Week 12

Fantasy Makeup (Theater Makeup)



Pro Look & Learn Education

Our students, who have completed the 12-week technical training process, attend our Makeup Pro Look & Learn trainings organized with the participation of Turkey's most respected professional makeup artists, learn different tricks and have the opportunity to have a broad vision.


Backstage Experience

12 To the school education budget; Professional series such as Turkey's prestigious TV channels, cinema-sets, fashion organizations and fashion shoots are those who take part in our projects under the sponsorship of Altier Academy.

In the application development applications of our behind-the-scenes projects, they have the opportunity to get acquainted with the hands-on practices, the sectoral network, and to obtain a strong portfolio with the photos and videos they will tak.



Study Programs

Purpose of our study courses is to ensure that the trainees repeat challenging subjects, perform the subjects they want to have more practice on with their trainers, and graduate from the academy with complete knowledge.


The product partner brands of our makeup training program are: Dior Backstage, Huda Beauty, NARS, MAC and Kryolan. All products are included in our class in our practical trainings with professional products of world-famous brands. These products, which are in the classroom and open to the common use of the students, are provided up-to-date by the academy.

Training Set

Our students are given Altier Ultimate Makeup Training Book, Altier Cosmetics Lashes, Altier Cosmetics Mixing Pallete, Altier Makeup Apron in the first week of the training. These materials belong to the students.

Apart from these, each student provides their own make-up brushes and sponges in terms of hygiene.


  • Ministry of National Education Approved Professional Makeup Applicator Certificate
  • Altier Academy “Professional Makeup Artist” Graduation Certificate prepared in English and Turkish