Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker

MEB Certificate Program

“From Basic to Professional”


Purpose of Education

Purpose of Education In the field of "Women's Clothing" - "Early Clothing" - "Children's Clothing" and "Underwear", starting from the most basic level, basic pattern preparation, stenciling, modeling, grading, marker preparation and sewing techniques are applied in one-to-one body sizes and with intensive workshop practices. details are taught by gaining experience. After this stage, computerized pattern techniques are taught with the world's most preferred digital pattern program, GERBER Technology, its latest version Gerber v.14.0, and at the last stage, digital rehearsals of the clothes prepared in three-dimensional avatars are made with Accumark 3D, the three-dimensional fitting program, the technology of the future.

Participation Prerequisities

18 - 35 Age Range

Minimum High School Graduation

Participants are Accepted by Interview

Education Days and Hours

Total Time : 520 Hours | 1 Year

Hours : 09:30 – 13:30 or 14:30 – 18:30

Days : Wednesday -Friday or Saturday and Sunday | 2 Days


Training Method

  • To realize all techniques in production with one-to-one applications,,
  • Gaining experience with the latest technological devices,
  • To hold Fashion Talks (Seminars) with industry professionals, where valuable information is shared,
  • To experience the production on site by organizing educational trips to Fabric and Clothing Production centers,
  • Museum, Gallery etc. to carry out activities that will improve our creative aspects by organizing artistic trips,
  • Gaining teamwork experience with our fashion shoot projects, Photography, Styling, Hair & Makeup, and other areas that feed fashion.


Education Content

Introduction to the Fashion Industry

  • Reviewing Domestic and Foreign Designers
  • Reviewing Local and Global Fashion Weeks and Fashion Fairs
  • Organizations Leading the Fashion
  • Fashion Trends

Trends & Colors

  • Current and Next Season Trend Analysis Report Review
  • Pantone Color Codes and Colorboard Review

Fabrics Fibers

  • Reviewing All Fabric Types
  • Fabric Types for Production
  • Fabric Types for Design
  • Natural and Synthetic Fibers


Pattern Preparation, Sewing Techniques and Gerber Accumark


Skirt Patterns

  • Basic Skirt Measurement Technique
  • Preparation of Base Skirt Pattern
  • Skirt Pattern Template
  • Pens – Gode – Vase Applications
  • Belt Model – Volan Skirt – Pili – Corsage Belt Applications
  • Skirt Grading Applications

Skirt Patterns

  • Basic Skirt Measurement Technique
  • Base Skirt Pattern Preparation
  • Skirt Pattern Template
  • Pens – Gode – Vase Applications
  • Belt Model – Volan Skirt – Pili – Corsage Belt Applications
  • Skirt Grading Applications

Dress (Size) and Blouse Patterns

  • Body Measurement Technique
  • Base Size Pattern Preparation
  • Size Collet Slides
  • Body Collet Loss Applications
  • Dior Cup Dress Applications
  • Rib Application
  • Blouse Pattern Preparation

Collar Patterns

  • Collar Types
  • False Collar – Hooded Collar – Shawl Collar – Male Collar Judge Collar – Draped Collar – Volan Collar – Band Collar – Vertical Notched Collar Technical Applications

Arm Patterns

  • Base Arm Mold Preparation
  • Elbow Forced Narrow Arm Application
  • Sleeve Mouth Smoked Cuffed Sleeve Application
  • Godeli Arm – Moon Arm Applications
  • Arm Cuffs
  • Japane Arm Pattern Preparation
  • Bat Japane Arm Pattern Application
  • Raglan Sleeve Mold Application


  • French and Italian Style Grading
  • Size Series
  • Japone Handle Pattern Series (French Style)

Overalls Patterns

  • Base Coverall Pattern Preparation
  • Overalls Modeling

Mantle Patterns

  • Preparation of Base Mantle Pattern
  • Application of Mantle Base Pattern to Fabric
  • Coat Mold and Lining
  • Preparation of Coat Lining Mold
  • Blazer Jacket Pattern Preparation
  • Preparing Mantle and Suitcase Arm Pattern
  • Cloak - Cap - Hoodie Patterns

Men's Top Clothing Patterns

  • Making Men's Shirt Base Patterns
  • Men's Shirt Sleeve Mold Preparation
  • Men's Shirt Vest Mold Preparation
  • Men's Jacket Sleeve Mold Preparation
  • Men's T-Shirt Pattern Preparation and Laying
  • Men's Hoodie Sweatshirt Pattern Making

Underwear Patterns

  • Bustier Body Base Mold Preparation
  • Underwear Measurement Technique
  • Slip Base Mold Preparation

Denim Patterns

  • Base Denim Trousers Pattern Preparation
  • Mold Removal Technique by Taking Measurements on 2 Samples
  • Preparing the Base Denim Coat Pattern

Children's Clothing Patterns

  • Preparing Children's Shirt Base Pattern
  • Preparing Children's T-shirt Base Pattern
  • Preparing Children's Dress Base Pattern
  • Preparing Children's Sweatshirt Base Pattern

Export Molds and Production Efficiency

  • Shrinkage Calculation in Fabrics
  • Preparing Shrinkage Size Chart
  • Foreign Units of Measure
  • Foreign Units of Measure INC Measured Mold Applications

Planting Techniques and Applications

  • First of all, the basic sewing techniques are taught in the workshop lessons, then the sewing applications of the determined patterns are carried out after the Skirt - Pants - Dress - Collar pattern lessons.

Gerber v14.0 & Accumark 3D

  • Digit table usage, program tool - need and desktop usage, digitalization processes of ready-made clothing, digital base pattern preparation, digital modeling, digital serialization, digital marker preparation and productivity shortcuts, plotter usage and printing.


  • Ministry of National Education Approved Modeling Certificate
  • Altier Academy “Pattern Maker” Graduation Certificate in English and Turkish

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