Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

MEB Certificate Program

“From Basic to Professional”


Purpose of Education

Training professionals specialized in "Microblading - Hair Strokes & Shading", "Powdering", "Lip Pigmentation", "Eyeliner & Dipliner" and "Neutralization" processes applied in the Eyebrow - Lip - Eye areas by gaining experience with professional techniques starting from the basic techniques of Permanent Makeup and live model applications is intended.


Participation Prerequisities

19 – 35 Age Range

Minimum Primary Graduation


Training Duration, Days and Hours

Our training is 1 day a week and is organized as 12 weeks (3 months).

Hours: 09:30 - 13:30 or 14:30 - 18:30

Days: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday


Educational program

Week 1 :Material Recognition and Usage Techniques, Skin & Hair Structures + Pigmentation, Pigment Preparation

Week 2 :Facial Anatomy, Eyebrow Modeling Suitable for Different Face Types & Eyebrow Modeling Techniques with Golden Ratio

Week 3 :Powdering Technique, Latex Hand Practice

Week 4 : Powdering Techniques Live Model Application (1)

Week 5 : Microblading Hair Throwing Technique and Flywheel Technique, Latex Hand Practice

Week 6 : Microblading Hairpulsing Live Model Application (2)

Week 7 :Lip Pigmentation Technique, Latex Hand Practice

Week 8 : Lip Pigmentation Technique, Latex Hand Practice

Week 9 : Eyeliner & Dipliner Technique, Latex Hand Practice

Week 10: Eyeliner & Dipliner Live Model Application (4)

Week 11 : Live Model Application (Free Choice) (5)

Week 12 : Live Model Application (Free Choice) (6)

Participants who complete their 12-week training process further improve their hand practice with three (3) separate live model applications and thus take a strong step into the sector with 9 different live model experiences.

Device and Materials

All professional devices, products and materials to be used in the training process are fully contained in the classroom. All students practice with the materials provided by the academy throughout the education, they do not need to bring an additional product / material.


  • Permanent Makeup Certificate Approved by the Ministry of National Education
  • Altier Academy “Permanent Makeup Artist” Graduation Certificate prepared in English and Turkish