Prosthetic Nail & Nail Decoration (Nail Arts)

Prosthetic Nail & Nail Decoration (Nail Arts)

MEB Certificate Program

“From Basic to Professional”


Purpose of Education

The aim of our special program, in which Professional Nail Artists (Nail Design Specialists), one of the most trendy professions of today, are trained, is to ensure that they have the technical knowledge and practicality that can meet the demands of the sector, starting from the most basic level.

Participation Prerequisities

19 - 35 Age Range

Minimum Hight School Education Level

Training Duration, Days and Hours

Duration : 1 Day per Week x 7 hours x 8 Weeks (2 Months)

Hours: 10:00 – 18:00

Training Days:Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Saturday / Sunday


Education Program

Week 1 : Material Recognition and Usage Techniques + Medical Manicure Procedures

Week 2 : Medical Manicure Procedures + Permanent Nail Polish Application & Removal Procedures

Week 3 : Permanent Nail Polish Procedures + Nail Strengthening Procedures

Week 4 : Prosthetic Nail Procedures with Tips + Prosthetic Nail Removal Process

Week 5: Gel Prosthetic Nail Procedures with Template

Week 6 : Nail Decoration Processes (Pattern Drawing)

Week 7 : Live Model Practices (Salon Experience)

Week 8: Live Model Practices (Salon Experience)


  • The Education Set, which includes the devices, materials and products to be used in education, is given to the students separately.
  • In the first week of training, techniques are taught practically on live models, and experience is gained with full live model applications in the last two weeks.



  • Ministry of National Education Approved Prosthetic Nail & Nail Decoration Certificate
  • Altier Academy "Prosthetic Nail & Nail Arts" Graduation Certificate in English and Turkish