Visual and Showcase Merchandising

Visual and Showcase Merchandising

“Perception between Looking and Seeing”

Our Visual Merchandising and Window Design MasterClass program begins with the veteran ERDAL GÜVENÇ, who has had his name written in golden letters with his local and global sector experience, international networks, and hundreds of successful names he has brought to the retail & fashion sectors since 1985. Duration : 1 Day per Week x 10 Week Days : Sunday Time : 09:30 - 13:30 or 14:30 - 18:30 Start Date 


Purpose of Education

Training technical experts to work in the "Visual Editing" department, one of the most important departments of the retail industry, Jr. Ensuring that the employees in the position are upgraded with technical knowledge and benefit from career opportunities in the sector. In summary; It is aimed to train experts who will be at the heart of the retail sector.

Participants who complete their Hands On (Final Project) work at the end of the training are entitled to receive the International Altier Academy “Professional Visual Merchandiser” graduation certificate prepared in Turkish and English. 

Who Should Attend

In fact, anyone who wants to step into the merchandising industry and has a career plan in the Visual Editing department can participate. However, especially those working in the retail sector, interior architects, fashion and visual communication etc. It will be very useful for students / graduates in associate / undergraduate departments with creative aspects.

Required Documents for Registration Procedures

•  19 - 40 age range
•  High school and higher graduation diploma
•  Copy of identity card
•  2 photograph

Education Program

Experience the golden rules of visual editing with apps!

Week 1 : Introduction to Merchandising Sector
Week 2 : Recognition and Usage Experiences of VM Materials
Week 3 : In-Store Technical Arrangements and Applications
Week 4 : In-Store Technical Arrangement and Field Experience (Store Tour)
Week 5 : Mannequins, Window Design and Applications
Week 6 : Brand Image and Aesthetic Perception Management
Week 7 : Dressing Rules for Customer Type and Styling with Season Trends
Week 8 : Commercial Strategies in Visual Editing, Annual Planning and Campaign Design
Week 9 : Hands On (Final Project)
Week 10 : Hands On (Final Project)

Used materials

VM materials to be used in the training process are provided by the academy. Participants provide the materials of the project they will realize in Hands On (Final Project) graduation projects.

For detailed information, you can fill out the Contact Form or call 0212 660 06 64 to talk to our Education Consultants.