Gülşah Saraçoğlu

 Gülşah Saraçoğlu, the ambitious name of the fashion world, met with the students of Altier Academy at the seminar on 'Celebrity Fashion' and told her career story, experiences and what awaits young talents in the future.

Telling the students about her passion for fashion since she was a child, Saraçoğlu said, “I know sewing and stenciling very well. I started out by assisting Dilek Hanif. I always dreamed of the scene inside of me. I worked with Hande Yener first, but the turning point of my career is Nükhet Duru, whom I admire greatly. I learned a lot from him. If I dress world stars at Oscar and Golden Globe ceremonies today, it is because I always keep my energy and spirit high for fashion. If you have a career goal in the fashion industry, never be humble. I have never been humble. Create your own worth. " made statements.

Saracoglu answering questions from young people, Turkey is running with the best artists, the question of how to manage the process to communicate with them, gave the following answer: "Our workshops are as secret; everybody comes, they tell about their specialties, and there are those we witnessed involuntarily. However, the first item in my work is not commercial phenomenon. It is important to gain people before money. Just because of this, nobody's intimate interests me. I have never spent the friendships I built negatively. "
At the end of the seminar, Altier Academy General Manager Serkan Selamet gave a plaque of appreciation to Gülşah Saraçoğlu for her valuable participation.

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