The Trends Of Beauty 2020


Names of the beauty and fashion industry came together with Altier Academy students at the “The Trends of Beauty 2020” event

In the event, moderated by fashion director Zeynep Şimşek, Dr. Pelin Taşkıran, fashion and beauty editor Yağmur Kalyoncu and makeup artist Uğur Kıral provided important information about their fields.

Transferring his knowledge and experience in the sector to the participants, Taşkıran stated that the secret of his success is to work hard, constantly renew, improve and share knowledge.



Standing out with its high energy and dynamic expression, Kalyoncu emphasized the benefits of collagen products and that collagen is included in 2020 trends. Talking about the use of products along with make-up styles, Kalyoncu also mentioned the positive effects of using vegan products, one of the methods of gaining skin health.


Famous makeup artist Uğur Kıral also took part in the event with a seminar on "Summer Trends 2020". Adding a different vision to the make-up industry with her designer infrastructure, Kıral mentioned that she turned to makeup, which was her childhood dream, after graduating from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Textile Arts Department of Print Design.

For 16 years as a professional engaged in the industry's leading cosmetics brand in Turkey, fashion magazines, blogs and shopping sites involved in the project spoke the King's life and career as well as share their experiences in the industry.

2020 summer trends, summer makeup; Explaining eye shadow, foundation and lipstick application techniques, Uğur Kıral emphasized that the make-up fashion in 2020 has a natural appearance and it is necessary to create marginal looks beyond the ordinary with colored headlight applications. In the continuation of the seminar, make-up analysis of the fashion shows of world famous brands such as Prada, Gucci and Michael Kors were examined with examples.

The architect and fashion director of The Trends of Beauty 2020 event, Zeynep Şimşek gave information about the 2020 clothing and hair trends at the end of the event, shared her set shooting experiences and gave advice to the students.

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