With the new year, hair color trends began to be evident.

Among the color trends of 2021 are every shade of yellow, which Pantone regards as one of the colors of 2021.

Also this year, last year's color trends continue; holographic hair stands out, pink and purples catch the eye.



Silver Yellow


It is the official hair color of the year 2021.
It is a hybrid hair color that blends traditional blonde hair with a silver hue for a platinum-like look.
The subtle metallic shimmer from silver tones creates a more modern and holographic hair tone.


Blonde Roast


The "Blonde Roast", which uses yellow and black tones together to create a natural looking hair color, is one of the popular colors for the 2021 winter.


Champagne Yellow


This pink to golden yellow hue is at the top of the 2021 trends.
This hair tone, which is mostly applied to pale skin and light eyes, can be adapted to all skin tones.




Platinum Yellow


This color, which is inspired by metal, which has tons of tonal options such as silver, cream, rooted, will be everywhere in 2021.



Baby Yellow


Although it is a completely classic look, the baby yellow tone is one of the warmest colors among yellows and is popular in 2021.


Strawberry Yellow


This shade combines brown, auburn and blonde in one color.



Rose Blonde


Rose Blonde, which is one of the most popular hair colors of 2021, is one of the most preferred colors as it is suitable for every skin tone.



Dulce de Leche


Dulce de Lechei, which takes its name from a dessert, means "milk jam" in Spanish.

A braid and bun can be preferred to shape this dimensional hair color, which consists of a mixture of caramel blonde balayage highlights and a warm toned brown.




is a neutral hair color that includes different subtle shades of brown and gray, which is highly preferred in 2020 and continues its popularity in 2021.


Ash Brown


The ash brown tone, which is at the top of the 2021 trends, has a combination of brown and gray tones to create the best cool toned look.

Although this hair color suits all skin tones; It can also be applied with caramel, chocolate, bronze shades.


Dark Black


This hair, which has a very light bluish black tone, also called "Jet Black", is aimed to appear as dramatically black as possible.


Chili Chocolate


In this hair trend, highlighting is made with the balayage technique to add red tones to the brown.
Instead of using bright, vibrant reds, natural-looking red




A combination with milk chocolate, ginger and red highlights stands out in this color.




Shades of pumpkin and spice are brought together in this tone, inspired by coffee.





Magenta, which takes its color from magenta stone, creates a mulberry color that provides a pink-purple hue that can be customized to suit all skin tones.


Pastel Pink


It can be applied by selecting the appropriate tone for the skin tone in 2021, when a range of pastel pink from light pink to dark pink and rose color is in trend.





While prismatic colors are one of the most popular hair color trends of 2021, shades inspired by many gemstones from amethyst to moonstone stand out. Unicorns-inspired holographic hair is essentially created with a mix of very bright and multi-dimensional pastel highlights where the colors seem to be changing.