Altier Academy Library


Altier Academy Library


Aiming to bring all kinds of information about fashion and beauty industry together with its owners, Altier Academy Library provides free service with its extensive collection of books and periodicals.

Within the library, there are domestic and foreign source books in the fields of fashion, fashion history, design, textile, art and art history as well as marketing, business, beauty, hairdressing and make-up. We wanted to include some of these resource books in this article. 

“Fashion: A Guide to Clothing and Style from Past to Present” / “Fashion: The Ultimate Book of Costume and Style” , one of the main sources for fashion and fashion history .

It is located in the main corner of the library as a source in Turkish and English. Revolutions and innovations in fashion starting from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo and from the 1900s to the present are discussed in detail in this book. The book, which is visually supported in detail, is one of the books that fashion students and student candidates should read.

The Altier Academy, which works with the 360-degree fashion principle, also includes pattern and sewing books. Information on drape and applicable designs allows you to benefit from both Turkish and English books.

Drawing and silhouette books, which require intense research in fashion design, are important both in preparing collections and creating illustrations and in providing technical information. “Fashionpedia”, “Fashion Design Drawing Course” from Thames & Hudson , “Fashion Illustration School”, “Fashion Design Course” and more are among the basic books you should use in the library.

“The Complete Costume History” ,an encyclopedia-like book that is of great importance in the study of fashion history , is in the library with all its volumes. At the same time, along with the basic books in which historical periods are covered in detail, the books in which the history of costume is processed with a visual richness are considered among the rarest.

Along with the resource books in which all the designers are included in the library; Basic books by great designers such as Chanel, Dior and Alexander McQueen are also included.

“The Fashion: The Whole Story” / “ The Whole Story of Fashion” translated by Piraye Yüksel, one of the esteemed teachers of Altier Academy , is one of the most fundamental resources for understanding fashion in all its aspects. In this book, which deals with fashion and fashion history in every aspect, you learn how historical events and fashion affect each other in parallel. 

There are also books within the library where you can get detailed information about all accessories that affect fashion such as bags, jewelry, shoes, hats.

Considering how important colors and patterns are in design, inspiring books are also in the library. “The Hermes Scarf” and “Bold Blooms” by textile designer Kaffe Fassett are among the basic decorative books.

You can also access Tim Walker's books from Thames & Hudson and V&A Publishing, which has made a great impact in fashion photography, from the photography / fashion photography section.

The Academy, which has extensive books on beauty, make-up and health, also has domestic and foreign resources.

The library, which has a large archive within the scope of art and culture, includes books on cultural trips and books by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Marc, Rembrandt.
The library also includes periodicals, current fashion magazines, academic theses and publications that students can interact with.