Best Hair and Makeup - MTV Music Awards


Best Hair and Makeup - MTV Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards, the world's most prestigious music awards, took place in New York.
Let's take a look at tonight's best hair and makeup.

This year's host, Keke Palmer, was at the forefront with her 90s-reminiscent hairstyle and neutral makeup.

Miley Cyrus came to the fore with her stylish and bright platinum blonde hair, red lipstick and eyeliner.

This headpiece, which hair stylist Davy Newkirk placed in Nicole Richie's hair, provided a very noble look. Richie's fresh and moist skin look and glittery and prominent eye make-up blend in with the night.

Bella Hadid made her mark on the night with the '90s fluffy hair style signed by barber Carlos Nazario and minimal make-up of makeup artist Evanie Frausto .

With her long hair braid and bright pink eye makeup, Doja Cat appeared with her bold look.

Joey King stands out with her bright skin, slightly smoky eyes and peachy pink lip makeup; She used gilded hairpins, the trend of this year, in her straightened hair.

Bebe Rexha stands out with her high ponytail hair, eye makeup, and futuristic French manicure with ultra-long metallic ends designed by hairstylist Iggy Rosales.

Sofia Carson is in the classic monochrome makeup look with coral eye makeup and lips that match her red dress.

Lady Gaga completes her futuristic gown with mermaid hair.