Bridal Makeup and 2020-2021 Trends


Bridal Makeup and 2020-2021 Trends

As in day and night make-up, it is important to apply the right make-up style to the face of the person in bridal make-up. The model of the wedding dress, the face type and the season are factors that affect the make-up of the bride. So what are the tricks of bridal makeup?
In bridal make-up, the first condition is that the skin looks more vivid and healthy instead of looking dull and pale. For this, a more radiant look can be achieved by adding a few drops of illuminator into the foundation.

Blush should be used in bridal makeup in peach and pink tones, so cheeks will look more natural and simple.

One of the most important steps in bridal make-up is the highlighter applied on the cheekbones. It is very important to choose a highlighter suitable for the skin tone.

Eyes are the most important part of bridal makeup. Therefore, eyes are made more prominent in eye makeup.
In the 2020-21 bridal makeup trend, simple and bright tones of applications, gems and glitter, as well as retro bridal makeup are popular applications. Golden tones come to the fore in retro make-up, where Smokey eyes application is used extensively.

Red / Wine Color Lipstick

Colored Headlights

Luminous Looks and Face Appliques

3D look make-up fashion also affects bridal makeup.

Bronze Shadows



And of course Natural, Natural, Natural!