Creativity Spirit in Design


Creativity Spirit in Design

Originality and creativity are crucial to fashion success, but the spirit of creativity alone is not enough to design. For this reason, designers needed an inspiration, inspiration that would feed their creativity before the design phase. This inspiration can come from anything seen in the world; such as an abstract concept, a historical event, cultural movement, art.

“Anything can affect me. A painting, a movie, a garden with beautiful flowers, colors that nature has presented to us, people walking on the street, a song… ” - Anna Molinari (fashion designer)

Another important factor is that this inspiration is in line with the current fashion of the period and the inspiration is original. that is.

The importance of trend foresight in creativity has been associated with archeology by Lidewij Edelkoort, a professional on this subject. According to that; archeology history, trend prediction also act to explore the future.
Lowrenfeld advocates that everyone has a varying creativity skill, but it is necessary to create the conditions and environment necessary for its emergence.
 These conditions can also be achieved with the education received.

As designers plan their designs, they can bring their inspiration together by creating a dashboard and storyboard. Moodboard and Colorboard are also important for designers in this sense. Inspiring photos, materials, drawings, notes are brought together here. With these studies, abstract designs in mind find a space where they can show themselves on a concrete level.

Ruth La Ferla describes designer Narciso Rodriguez as follows: “He is like a garbage man who looted books containing photographs, flocked to the archives of libraries and museums, and obsessively took photographs wherever he went. By piling up all the images he collects in this way, he creates a collage work and brings together different elements. "

Although inspiration and inspiration have an important place in the design process, it is also important to search for information that will guide the design.