Fashion in Pandemic


Fashion in Pandemic


“Fashion, by its nature, is always about the new; it could be a war, art movement, technological advancement or epidemic. " - Serdar Egemen Nadaşbaş With
Covid-19, which affected the world, it became necessary to use a mask as a result of many changes in our daily life.

In the Spanish flu epidemic that occurred in 1918, the use of masks was widespread, just like today. Masks were used as an accessory to complement the clothes as well as a means of protection.

These days, when we are experiencing the 'new normal', mask designs have come to the fore in fashion.
The designed masks can be compatible with combinations provided that they are worn on the surgical mask.

Brands such as Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Prada voluntarily produced masks and overalls in their workshops to support protection from the epidemic.

Designer Frejya Sewell created masks using ordinary objects such as felt and yogurt cups. Stating that his main purpose is to give a visual thank you to the people struggling with Covid-19, the designer designed special symbolic masks for worker groups.

As a result of the implementation of the social distance rule with the pandemic, many designers were also inspired by this social distance. The hats designed by Veronica Toppino are examples of this inspiration and the base material is aluminum.

Toppino's hats reflect the functionality of fashion in this process, while at the same time trying to reflect how clothing and accessories can play an important role in social distances.

Paris Fashion Week – Marine Serre