Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul

The most important designers of the Turkish fashion sector took part in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul, which was held for the 15th time this year. 
During the fashion week that took place on the digital platform between October 12 and October 16, the successful designer Emre Erdemoğlu, the Fashion Director of International Altier Academy, and the mentors of 'Freedom is Power' Nihan Peker and Özlem Kaya also came to the fore with their designs.

Stating that we are going through a period when embracing each other and freeing from prejudices with the theme of "Hold Me in Your Heart", Emre Erdemoğlu positioned his collection with sincerity. Murat Dalkılıç, whose stage costumes, is in the front rows of the show; Altier Academy carried out the makeup work again.


While Nihan Peker creates a dynamic and colorful style in her collection; added a more modern interpretation to the wearable couture in its designs. Along with the paint-effect patterns specially designed for the collection, candy pink, lemon yellow, orange, white and fuchsia colors, large skirt forms, bows and three-dimensional embroidery attracted attention. Emphasizing that every woman has an innate power, designer Özlem Kaya was inspired by women who are aware of her power in her collection. Using hard and textured fabrics, shoulder details and romantic and flowing fabrics together, Kaya made a strong impression with silhouettes that glorify the woman.


Sudi Etuz launched the Spring / Summer 2021 collection with the opening speech of the avatar character SUI-D, which she brought to life during the pandemic process, and used colorful embroidery, beads, tulle and patterns in the collection.

Designer Ceren Ocak, inspired by street fashion; The voluminous sleeves and low waist trousers attracted attention with fabrics such as denim, leather, linen and chiffon, which he used in his collection.

In the collection of designer Özgür Masur, who follows the pret-a-couture line, besides puffy skirts and draped cuts; While green, blue, orange and pink silhouettes came to the fore, white and ecru accompanied them. Setting out with the motto "Lunapark is everyone's tale", designer Meltem Özbek included vibrant colors, brushstroke-patterned clothes in the collection.

Starting off with the motto "Lunapark is everyone's tale", designer Meltem Özbek included vibrant colors, brushstroke-patterned clothes in the collection.

The famous designer Özlem Süer, presented under the name “Mercedes-Benz presents Özlem Süer”, took the inspiration of her new collection from the word “triyanda” which means “thirty” in Ancient Greece. Black, white, gray, gold and copper colors were used, where the draping technique was used extensively and sculptural silhouettes stand out.

Designer Mehtap Elaidi, inspired by the mood created by the pandemic period, prepared her collection and emphasized the handicraft of women by using the lace designs by ÇATOM's women.