Skin Care And Aroma Therapy


Skin Care And Aroma Therapy

 When it comes to beauty, the analysis and requests of the skin come to the fore. For this reason, the effect of skin care increases with the correct methods applied to the skin.
Since ancient Egypt, the first face mask in skin care was made of clay, and in the 16th and 17th centuries, women protected their skin by escaping from the sun because pale skin was a symbol of nobility.
The first modern mask appeared in the 1800s. Since the mask does not stick to the face, its cords are passed through the back of the head.

With the 20th century, beauty salons began to be opened in order to have a bright skin. Especially in the 1940s, pink cheeks represented health and beauty, so applications were made in the halls for this purpose.
In Beauty Specialization, which covers a very important area in the beauty industry that has come to this day, besides skin care, aromatherapy has been of great importance.

Aromatherapy is the use of oils obtained by distilling the roots, leaves and flowers of plants. In aromatherapy, which dates back to ancient times, especially Ibn-i Sina drew the scheme of the distillation device and indicated the medicinal properties of plants.
Aromatherapy, which acts as a holistic therapy in mind, body and soul and means treatment with scent, comes to the fore in the application of wellness. The concept of wellness, which is called a good, healthy life, is supported with aromatherapy massage in this respect.
Although each oil used in aromatherapy massage has a different effect, it is especially good for anxiety, depression and menstrual pain because it is calming, refreshing and energizing.

The benefits of aromatherapy are;

⦁    It stimulates blood and lymph circulation.
⦁    It gives vitality and brightness to the skin.
⦁    It relaxes psychologically and physiologically.
⦁    It revitalizes tired tissues.
⦁    It provides removal of excess fluid in tissues.
⦁    It supports the production of new cells.



skin care, almond and sage oil

Lavender oil, myrtle oil for sensitive and oily skin

Walnut oil, jojoba oil, senna oil, sesame oil for dry skin

Aloe vera oil, wheat oil, rose oil with cell regenerative properties