The importance of skin health was once again understood with the increase in the use of disinfectants used in the pandemic process in addition to the increasing cold with the arrival of winter.


Although the methods used differ according to each skin type, cleansing, protective and nourishing products come to the fore in skin protection and care. Among these, gel, milk, oil, tonics, peels and emulsions form the cleansing part; Along with moisturizers and preservatives, serums and masks are also of great importance for skin health.




Cleaning Products

Cleaning products provide clarity.

The cleaning process is generally in the form of water, soap, milk, gel, emulsion, herb and lotion.

Ideal cleansing products should clean the skin completely, not degrease the skin, protect the moisture of the skin, should not cause swelling and blistering of the skin, and should not disrupt the protective layer (Ph) on the surface of the skin.




After cleansing, the skin is toned for deeper cleaning of cream residues.

Tonic provides transparency and shine on the skin.



According to the needs of the skin, 3 types of tonic are applied:


1. High Alcohol Tonics: Used for sensitive oily skin. They tighten pores and tissues.

2. Light Alcoholic Tonics: They are used as a lighter astringent. They are suitable for combination skin.

3. Alcohol-Free Tonics: Alcohol-free tonics, also known as refreshing tonics, are lightweight.



In cases where dead cells cannot be removed sufficiently, peeling products are needed.
With the peeling application, skin imperfections are removed and the skin is made soft, fine dirt and residues are purified, fine lines are reduced, as a result of the increase of microcirculation, skin functions increase and cell renewal is accelerated.




The purpose of moisturizers is to keep the skin soft and supple.

Moisturizers act as a curtain between external factors and the skin. They are not absorbed by the skin, but they form a layer that prevents moisture from evaporating.



Night creams, ampoules and serums stand out in the nutrition of the skin.

Night creams stay on the skin overnight and are best utilized by the cells as cell regeneration occurs at night.

Ampoules and serums, on the other hand, are concentrated cosmetic products, but they show their effects immediately when applied to the skin. They eliminate acne and acne problems by increasing blood circulation and nourish the skin by regulating the pH.



Mask / Packung

Masks and packung masks create a doping effect on the skin and complete deficiencies in the skin.


Important Rules for Skin Health in Pandemic

- Hands should be washed with warm water.

- Hands should be moisturized after washing.

- Detergents should not be touched with bare hands.

- The mask used should be changed every 3 hours and the cloth mask should be washed and rinsed every day.

- Excessive stress should be avoided and importance should be given to a healthy diet.



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