The Creative Energy of Fashion Kenzo Takada


The Creative Energy of Fashion Kenzo Takad

We commemorate Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada, founder of the Kenzo brand.

Famous fashion designer Kenzo Takada, who brought unlimited shapes and vibrant colors to French fashion in the 1970s, passed away at the age of 81 due to Covid-19 last week.
Takada was one of the innovative designers such as Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld and became famous for bringing a sophisticated texture to French clothing.

Born in Himeji, Japan in 1939, Takada became interested in fashion design at an early age and made dresses for her sisters' dolls. 

Takada was accepted into Bunka Fashion School and won Japan's fashion award Soen for her success in school; After graduating, he went to Paris in 1965 as a freelance stylist for companies such as Pisanti. Takada's designs, inspired by Andre Courreges during this time, were admired by designer Louis Feraud.
Selling sketches to fashion houses, Takada opened his first boutique "Jungle Jap" in 1970 in Galerie Vivienne and exhibited his first collection here. He blended traditional Japanese silhouettes with European culture, with straight cut shapes, floral prints and expressive Colors.

“When I started my brand and realized that I really needed to find an identity and do something new, I realized I had to go back to my roots.

Being aware of the fact that fashion is a creative field and always looking for new alternatives, Takada was influenced by the cultures he saw in his travels in Asia, India and Africa, shaped his designs and enriched his enthusiastic use of colors and patterns.

He presented his collections in New York in 1971 and his designs were published in prestigious magazines such as Vogue.

He boldly used printed fabrics in his collections and attracted attention in the fashion world with their contrasting color combinations.
He opened his big store in 1976 in Paris Victoires Square.
He performed his shows in the circus tent in 1978 and 1979.

Kenzo Takada, which had a huge boom in fashion in the 1980s, launched menswear designs in 1983, and together with Kenzo Jeans and Kenzo Jungle created a perfume line, including Kenzo Flower.
In 1991, the child entered the baby clothing fashion, created floral printed patterns and designed velvet jackets inspired by the Caucasian culture in his collections. The designer who always prioritizes colors; he used materials and graphics and flowers with printing effects in harmony.  

“Kenzo Takada was incredibly creative. With one genius move, he acquired an artistic and colorful story that unites east and west, Japan and life in Paris. "

Jonathan Bouchet

LVMH bought the fashion house in 1993 and Takada held her last Paris fashion show in 1999. After Kenzo Takada's retirement, the brand was designed by Gilles Rosier and then Antonio Marras, after which Humberto Leon and Carol Lim revived the brand. In 2018, "Kenzo La Memento" was launched.


Kenzo Takada has always continued to create something new after his retirement. He created his project, a high-quality home accessories brand called Gokan Kobo, and became president of the Asian Couture Foundation in 2013.

In 2017, she was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement" award at the Fashion Editors' Club of Japan Awards.

“I missed the fashion shows and the energy behind them. What I miss the most is people working in the field of fashion. They have very strong powers, they are really creative and fun. ”

Kenzo Takada updated Japanese floral and animal prints to European tastes, and at Paris Fashion Weeks, he brought Japanese design to the forefront, paving the way for designers such as Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto.

According to LVMH's corporate page, the brand is still high on the Paris Fashion Week calendar and currently has 122 stores worldwide.