Tim Walker: Wonderful Things


Tim Walker: Wonderful Things


Wonderful Things exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum in London takes you on a journey to the immersive and fantastic world created with the imagination of Tim Walker, one of the most creative photographers in the world. 

Impressed by V & A's wide collection, Walker realized his new photography project. While preparing for the exhibition, he visited V & A's stores, studios and galleries together with museum curators and technicians; He was influenced by many objects such as shiny stained glass windows, Indian miniature paintings, jewelry boxes, gold shoes and inspired his photographs.

"An immersive look at art and fashion, a step directly into photos."– The Independent

Shona Heath, designer of The Independent Set The exhibition created by the arrangement of Ş. consists of many spaces.
"Walker's work creates a richly layered visual feast with details and light tricks, but thanks to Heath's exhibition design, it feels almost like he's there." - The Culture Whisper

Collection includes photographs as well as short films, photographic sets, scrapbooks and sketches that inspired Walker's work.

Stylists were also brought together for the exhibition; Amanda Harlech, Jack Appleyard, Josephine Cowell brought Tim's vision to life through outfits and accessories. The exhibition, which includes images of famous models as well as designers such as Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, can be seen until March 22, 2020.

The catalog book of the exhibition, Wonderful Things: Tim Walker , along with 10 magical photographs inspired by V&A's extensive collection; set designers, stylists, hair and make-up artists together. You can also view the book, which includes behind-the-scenes images and detailed views of V&A galleries, at the International Altier Academy Library.

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Prepared by: Sümeyra Bıyıklı

After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Art History undergraduate program in 2017, she completed her Pedagogical Formation education at Istanbul University. Currently working as a Library Manager at Altier Fashion and Beauty Academy, Bıyıklı enables them to develop their intellectual infrastructure by conducting workshops on history and art with our students. At the same time, he continues his academic studies with Istanbul University History undergraduate program.