Microblading, technically called epidermal pigmentation, is one of the hottest trends in eyebrow beauty.

In this application, which provides fuller and more beautiful eyebrows, a natural appearance is created with micro blades. The aim is to apply the most suitable eyebrow to the face of the person according to the golden ratio.


A very small amount of pigment is placed on the skin with a manual pen.
Pigments with a slightly higher consistency than device pigments are used.
Its water-based and heavy metal ratio is very low.
It can be sent to the epidermis layer of the skin up to the third and fourth layers.


This bristle technique application, which is thought to have first appeared in China, has been popular in the west in the last few years.


How to Prepare for Microblading?

Approximately 1 week in advance, eyebrows should be kept away from wax and tweezers.

Alcohol and caffeine, which will increase the sensitivity of the skin, should be avoided exactly 1 day ago. Also, using blood thinners in combination with ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil or vitamin E supplements should be avoided.

After microblading, it is necessary to keep the eyebrows away from water for ten days and not to wet them. Scabbing and itching are prevented with the necessary ointments.


To be able to perform microblading application, a professional training is required.



"Eyebrow - top", "microblading and 3D - 6D hair removal", "permanent eyeliner and dipliner" at the International Altier Academy with the Permanent Makeup certificate program approved by the Ministry of Education. Professionals are trained to learn the technical applications of "lip framing" devices.


- Permanent Makeup General Theory
- Basic Anatomy, Skin Types and Micropigmentation Practice
- Color Knowledge, Pigmentology, Neutralization, Microblading and Mix Technique
- 3D and 6D Hair Shot Technique
- Different Face Shapes and Ideal Face Size (Golden Ratio) and Eyebrow Measurement and Modeling Technique
- Powdering Live Model
- Hair Shot Technique Live Model
- Lip Topping - Coloring - Rejuvenation
- Eyeliner & Dipliner