Permanent make-up is a pigment application applied to the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin.

Micropigmentation application is performed with micro sterile disposable needles. This long-lasting application is performed by implanting (injecting) colored pigments.

The purpose of micropigmentation, which can be applied to almost every area of ​​the skin for cosmetic or medical purposes, is to improve the person's appearance and increase their beauty.

Nipple coloration (areola) is also applied on scars (camouflage), regulating the skin color (hypopigmentation, vitiligo) and hair loss after chemotherapy or alopecia areata.



Which Regions Is Applied?

- To the eyebrows
- To the eyelids
- Eyelash roots
- To the lips
- To the hair area


Which People Can Be Applied?

- People with sparse eyebrows and eyelashes
- For people who are not satisfied with their eyebrow color
- People with low eyebrows
- People who want to get rid of facial asymmetry
- For people who have limited time to make up.
- People who want to eliminate lip deformities
- For people who want to color lips

Not Applicable to Which People?

Hemophilia patients
Those with blood clotting disorders
Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
- Those 1 week before the menstrual period
Pigment allergy sufferers
Those with skin lesions
- Those with conjunctivitis
- Diabetes patients
- Heart patients
- Those with high blood pressure
- For those with panic attack disorder
- Epilepsy patients
- Those with kidney failure
- Anemia patients and those with iron deficiency
- For regular drug users
- Cancer patients or those receiving chemotherapy
- Under 18 years of age.

"Eyebrow - top", "microblading and 3D - 6D hair removal", "permanent eyeliner and dipliner" at the International Altier Academy with the Permanent Makeup certificate program approved by the Ministry of Education Professionals are trained to learn the technical applications of "lip framing" devices.


- Permanent Makeup General Theory

- Basic Anatomy, Skin Types and Micropigmentation Practice

- Color Knowledge, Pigmentology, Neutralization, Microblading and Mix Technique

- 3D and 6D Hair Shot Technique

- Different Face Shapes and Ideal Face Size (Golden Ratio) and Eyebrow Measurement and Modeling Technique

- Powdering Live Model

- Hair Shot Technique Live Model

- Lip Topping - Coloring - Rejuvenation

- Eyeliner & Dipliner